Recruiting is an important aspect for any lacrosse player looking to compete at the next level. Connecticut Valley offers extensive recruiting services to ensure our players are happy and comfortable with the entire process leading up to their ultimate decision of where to attend college. In our 13 years as an organization Connecticut Valley has seen over 270 players move on to the next level each with a different academic desire, but the same common goal; to play college lacrosse. 

As a member of our program you are slowly guided through the entire process, provided with an Player Profile, and education on the rules, guidelines, and regulations associated with college recruiting. We will work alongside you and your family to ensure you are provided with the best opportunity to be recruited to compete at the next level along with the most accurate and up-to-date information about competing in the NCAA, NAIA, MCLA, or CUFLA. 

Our coaches often will provide their own evaluation of programs they feel that particular player may be a great fit for. There are roughly 600 (and growing) collegiate lacrosse programs across several different divisions in the United States and Canada, the key to finding the right one is by research, getting to know the coach, evaluating yourself as a student athlete, and ultimately paying a visit to the school then spending time with the team. Our coaches are in constant contact with college coaches from across the country and we provide clear, honest feedback on each player as requested. 

Should you be interested in the recruiting process prior to participating for one of our teams or wish to obtain further knowledge on the subject please do not hesitate to contact us at:

(Updated April 28, 2022)

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