Refund Policy

Deposits received for any season or events (including clinics & tryouts) are non-refundable; however, any additional fees paid prior to the start of Summer or Fall Season may be refunded upon request. We kindly request that any notice received regarding a player who can no longer participate with the program be received at least 90 days prior to the start of any season. Requests for refunds are only considered if received 90+ days before the start of any season. 

Should a player suffer a season ending injury prior to the start of the lacrosse season removing them from Summer or Fall competition they will receive a full refund of the amount paid towards their Summer Tuition less their deposit and cost of a uniform (if ordered) at the time of the request. Once a player begins competing with Connecticut Valley Lacrosse any monies paid towards their tuition become non-refundable.

If a player requests a refund after their uniform is purchased the cost of the uniform will be subtracted from the amount being refunded. This information will be communicated again at the time of the request.