We were looking for a palce that our son could grow, not just as a lacrosse player, but as as young man. We felt like he was stagnant and no longer enjoying the game as much in the club that he was in. We looked at several different clubs in a few states, and ultimately decided on Connecticut Valley, and not just because they hav ereally cool helmets and uniforms. From the first minutes of his first practice, we knew we had made the right decision. I cannot stress enough how great the level of coaching my son received while playing for Valley was, at every level. Not every tournament he played in was a win, but every tournament was a learning experience and a chance to grow. Now my son is headed to a top NCAA program as a high level recruit, and he wouldn't have gotten tehre without the coaching and guidance from the staf at Connecticut Valley top to bottom. If you are looking for a place for your son to be the best version of himself, and prepare for lacrosse at the next level, including helping hm choose the RIGHT school to attend, you will be doing him, and yourself a huge disservice if you do not choose Connecticut Valley. 

- Parent of a Class of 2023 Alumni

Connecticut Valley Lacrosse is an exceptional lacrosse program and has been an amazing experience for our two sons and family. 

Our oldest son decided to tryout for CT Valley just before Sophomore year of high school, upon the recommendation of a friend who was with the program. He (our son) was ready for a change and wanted to play at a higher level, work with established coaches so he could grow as an individual player, and have opportunities to get in front of college coaches. 

Joining this club was one of the best decisions he could have made on his lacrosse journey and for his personal growth. The directors and coaches truly care about the players and provide guidance and leadership, supporting the individual players and team to compete and succeed on and off the field. 

Their knowledge of colleges and universities - their academics, culttre, and lacrosse programs - as well as showcases and other events, is extensive. As first-timers navigating the college recruiting process, they are accessible to answer parent questions and offer ongoing guidance to the payers, while also holding them accountable to create their path. 

- Current 2024 & 2030 Parent

This club is the best place for recruiting, coaches, connections and guidance. Top tier program.

- Parent of Class of 2023 Alumni

100% best club focused on recruitin ghands down!!!

- Parent of a Class of 2021 Alumni

Can't say enough good things about Connecticut Valley Lacrosse. So helpful in the recruiting process for our son. Highly recomend this premier club team!"

- Parent of a Class of 2020 Alumni

Thank YOU for running such a professional and fun organization! Not only did #### learn a lot, he had FUN and made lasting friendships over the past 2 years.  Please pass this along to his coaches.  I would recommend your organization to anyone!!!  Thanks again, and I wish you all well in the future on the lax field and in life!

- Parent of a 2020 Player (Summer 2019)

Dear Coach Ramsay and Coach Hoffman,

#### had an important and rewarding experience with your both.  Your level of commitment to the team and to his future goals made it worth every penny.  Your guidance with the recruiting process gave #### all the tools he needed to play at the next level.  Because of your encouragement and support, I was impressed to see him take the initiative to implement what he learned on and off the field.  I would absolutely recommend this program to other lacrosse families.  Thank you both for your excellent communication, unrelenting guidance and great coaching.  I’m confident #### will be able to reach his goal of playing college lacrosse after he graduates next year.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

- Parent of a 2020 Player (2019 Summer)

Thank all of you coaches!  #### commented on the way home that switching over to your program was the right decision. As coaches, you are organized, knowledgeable and very well respected. Thank you all. See you this summer. 

- Parents of a Fall 2018 Player (2018 Fall)

A HUGE thank you to Coaches Rory and Andy for all their dedication, encouragement and time poured into this fall season!!! #### certainly learned many new skills in the season and we thank you for working with him!! 

...Another HUGE thank you to Coaches Bobby and Luke for all their hard work with this sensational team!!! #### is truly excelling under their guidance and we are extremely grateful to these coaches and the Connecticut Valley program!! Thank you again!!

- Parents of a Fall 2018 Player (2018 Fall)

I wanted to thank you for a great experience this past couple of months. Our son #### had a great time, learned a lot, and met some great kids and teammates. This by far exceeded our expectations and were impressed at the quality and dedication of the organization. The coaches #### had were fantastic and we were lucky to have them. I wanted to say a sincere thank you and cannot wait to hear about the fall schedule and next summer schedule.

- Parent of 2017 Summer Player (2017 Summer)

We are huge fans of Valley lacrosse!  ##### had a great experience and we are looking forward to the fall and the spring.The coaching was excellent and the communication even better; two parts of the equation that often are overlooked by other programs.  In addition, #### had fun which is always a good barometer!

- Parent of 2017 Summer Player (2017 Summer)

Thanks league and coaches for a fantastic weekend in PA. My son is gaining leaps and bounds under your coaching already. Looking forward to the next tourneys.

- Parent of 2017 Summer Player (2017 Summer)

Thank you for everything this program has done for me. I appreciate all the support and had a amazing time making new friends and connections. Good luck to all teams in the future, I hope they all have as much fun as I did.

- Class of 2017 Alumni (2017)

I would just like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to play for you last fall, summer and this fall. It was a amazing experience where I made many new friends and discovered what I was looking for within a college. I appreciate all that you have taught me and the patience you had for me since I missed many to almost all of the summer and fall practices. I love the gear and the program. I hope that you will continue to grow and help kids with their future like you have with me. Thank you again it was a pleasure playing for you.

- Class of 2017 Alumni (2016) 

Thanks for all your help in getting me to this point, switching to CT Valley was one of the best decisions I made in the process and is what really led me to even look at CC to begin with

- Class of 2016 Alumni & Current College Player (2016)

I wanted to thank you for a great experience for ####. When he told me he didn't want to go back to Cardinals and that he wanted to tryout for your team I was skeptical. I'm so glad you took him and have to thank you for just a wonderful experience. Your program is really strong and well organized.  I think the coaching was exceptional and I appreciate that you coach team lacrosse first and I felt #### really improved in your program.  #### also plays football and wrestles so lacrosse wasn't his primary sport.  But because of your program he has really found a love for this sport.  I'm hopeful #### will make the team again next year.  I told his high school coach what an awesome program you have so don't be surprised if more Rocky Hill kids try out for next summer.  Thanks again and I hope you have a great summer!

- Parent of a 2018 Blue Player (Summer 2016) 

"Great job this summer, your commitment to all these kids is tremendous! You have a great program. I wish you all nothing but success. Hope to officiate futures games. #### has become a better team player and goalie under you guys. See you in the fall!!"

- Parent of a 2017 Blue Player (Summer 2016)

"I just wanted to say thanks for all the help over the past Summer's without you guys helping me I never would've developed into the player or person I am 3 years later."

- Class of 2016 Alumni & College Bound Player (2016)

"First season has been worth every minute. Great coaches who have been dedicated to making stronger more recruitable players. We are very appreciative!"

- Parent of 2018 Blue Player (2016 Summer)

"My time with Connecticut Valley has been the greatest experience of my life. Thanks to the amazing coaching staff, I have developed, not just as a lacrosse player, but as a person. The coaching staff are great, they know how to make you into better players, and they devote so much of their time into doing so. The recruiting service the program provides is some of the best out there, and thanks to it I wouldn’t be at the school I am now. I am not able to express my gratitude about the program in words to the whole coaching staff because of all that they have given me. I will always be grateful for the time that I have spent with the club and I can surely say that it is the best program out there."

- Class of 2016 Graduate and Program Alumni

"I want to pass on to you and Jim how much my wife and I enjoyed our experience with Connecticut Valley this summer.  Our son ##### was a member of the U16 team and this was by far the most enjoyable and exciting lacrosse team he has played for!   Coach Hoffman and Coach Lancour did a fantastic job of turning 22 individual 14 and 15 year old boys into an excellent and effective lacrosse team. Kudos to Matt and Joe!

During the team meeting at the beginning of the season Jim stressed how important it was for the boys to represent Connecticut Valley in a positive light and I think they did that and more. Job well done to all the Connecticut Valley staff and I look forward to next summer!"

- Parent of a 2018 Graduate, U16 (2015 Summer) Player

"...I can't explain how good Connecticut Valley as a whole have been to me through the recruiting process and payment set up, thank you so much. You guys get my recommendation 10 out of 10. I was and still am very impressed."

- Class of 2016 Graduate & 2015 U18 Blue (Summer), Blue (Fall) Player

"Connecticut Valley turned me into the player I am today. I am so grateful of the coaching and recruiting assistance I have received from the staff, and will continue to utilize everything I have learned from this program. Without the help of this club I wouldn't have had the college options I was presented with this year. It made my life much less stressful and easier to find a home for the next 4 years!! Thanks again for everything."

- Class of 2015 Graduate & 2014 U18 (Summer), Blue (Fall) Player

"My time with Connecticut Valley Lacrosse Club has been the greatest experience of my life. Not only has it made an impact on me in a lacrosse way, but it has changed my life as a whole. The people I have met and the places I have gone I will never forget. I want to thank the coaching staff, my teammates, and everybody who came out to support us for making the past months a great experience. I will always be grateful for my time spent in this club and I can honestly say it is the best program you could ever ask for."

- Class of 2015 Graduate & 2014 U17 Blue (Summer), White (Fall) Player

"Our experience with Connecticut Valley Lacrosse was great from the moment our son, Logan, stepped foot on the field for their Fall Ball Program in September of 2013. From the beginning, we were impressed with the thorough E-Mail communication about upcoming lacrosse events and the college lacrosse recruiting process. Additionally, we were pleased that we received detailed E-Mail reports on the team's performance at the various tournaments that they participated in. This past Summer, we saw first hand the attention that the coaches placed on skill development and sportsmanship. Win or lose, the coaches always had the team meeting following each game to review the team's performance on the field. It was clear that the coaches were committed to making sure that the players were getting the most out of their experience. Coach Ramsay played a critical role in the college recruiting process for our son, Logan. He was in regular touch with the coaches of the colleges that we identified were a good academic fit for Logan. We are pleased that the will be continuing his education and lacrosse career at Division III, Lynchburg College, in Virginia."

- Parents of 2014 Alumni & College Bound Player (2014)

"We would highly recommend the Connecticut Valley Lacrosse program for players seeking to take their game to the next level. Our experience has found that the Connecticut Valley coaches/staff, all of which play (or have played) collegiate lacrosse, are committed to ensure that each player learns the fundamentals of the game and reach their highest potential. The coaches were always positive and motivated players to be the best and also helped guide players through the college recruiting process.

The Connecticut Valley Lacrosse teams are made up of players from many different schools. Being part of this program not only has offered our son the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the game and gain confidence on and off the field, he has also developed lasting friendships. The tournaments are a great experience and a lot of fun for both the players and the parents. We have enjoyed being a part of the "Connecticut Valley Family" and have had the pleasure of getting to know many nice families and traveling with them to the tournaments. Thanks again for an amazing lacrosse experience!"

- Parents of 2013 Alumni & Current College Player (2014)

"Just wanted to say thank you for all of the info from the meeting last night. You guys did a great job covering everything and as a parent, I wanted to let you know how appreciated it is!  I tried to find you after getting the gear but things were crazy and I was exhausted as we had my daughters college graduation Saturday and her party day yesterday so after Brandon met the new goalie coach we took off.  I am so happy to have him part of your league and very thankful for your professionalism and communication. You guys are the best!"

-  Parent of Current U17 White Player (2014)

"I was VERY impressed with the Connecticut Valley Lacrosse Program. We were looking for a good program to enroll our upcoming senior to ensure he had the visibility to college coaches, while improving his skills. The experience was well beyond our expectations. Matt Ramsay and the coaching staff were great. They knew each players qualities, coached them on their needs to improve and put them in a position to succeed. They truly cared for each player and their teams’ success. The marketing summary for each player was a bonus. Not only do they summarize each upcoming senior’s profile, they send an impressive booklet to each college coach across the country. They networked and ensured the boys were introduced and matched with the appropriate coaches aligned to the players level of experience. The number of players that have been recruited to Division I, II and III schools is very impressive. Hands down, this is truly a top notch organization that I am proud we had the opportunity to experience firsthand."

-  Parent of 2013 Alumni & Current College Player (2013)

"I just wanted to send a personal thank you to all you have done to improve my lacrosse skills and help me find it in myself to play lacrosse at the next level. Every coach at CT Valley loves helping kids become better lacrosse players and getting them to the next level. I appreciate all you guys have done for me and will continue to recommend your great program to all youth in my area. Thanks again guys."

- Current NCAA Lacrosse Player & Connecticut Valley Alumni (2013)

"...Happy New Year. I wanted to pass along an update on ##### and also express our sincere thanks for all of your help...As part of his enrollment at Suffield Academy, his coach, Dave Pillsbury, secured an invite to the NE top 150 for him. #### played some of his best lacrosse over those three days. As a result, he was actively recruited by a number of very good schools...Lisa and I can't thank you and your staff enough for all of the on and off field help. Coach Crozier, you were the first person we discussed the benefits of a PG year with. That got the ball rolling for us and it could not have worked out any better for #####. He has had the opportunity to mature academically as well as personally. In addition he will be attending one of the premiere liberal arts colleges in the country. We wish you the best of luck in the upcoming season and continuing success growing the CT Valley program!"

- Parent of 2013 Alumni & College Bound Player (2013)

"I just want to give the Connecticut Valley lacrosse program a very strong endorsement; ##### participated in this program last summer and fall and I found the program to be very professional, the coaching was high quality, and the coaches truly care about the players and helping them improve their skills. In addition, they were very helpful in assisting ##### with the college recruiting processes (advise, recommendations, phone calls to college coaches, etc.). I believe that their efforts were directly related to ##### being recruited by Clark University. Unlike some local programs that either have too many teams or the coaches have attitude issues (no names...), the CVL program is really tailored to truly meet the needs of the players in focused, individualized way. I highly recommend this program. "

- Parent of 2012 Alumni & College Bound Player (2012)