Summer 2017 Registration Closed

Date Posted: 4/8/2017








The following links have been provided for you below so you can have easy access to important information about Connecticut Valley Lacrosse; each of these links will re-direct you to another page on our website:

Mission Statement

Coaching Staff 

2017 Summer Lacrosse General Information

Why Connecticut Valley Lacrosse

Program Facts


If any information you find on our website remains unclear or generates any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly at A member of our staff will respond to each inquiry as timely as possible and answer each to the best of their ability. We are committed to providing as much complete information as possible so everyone interested in our program remains informed!


At Connecticut Valley Lacrosse our teams are broken up first by graduation year and then by individual skill. Players are evaluated against their peers to determine if they would be a good addition to our teams. Tryouts previously took place for all of our teams on September 25 and November 20; however, certain age groups do remain slow to fill as it is quite early for some to be thinking about their plans for next Summer. Space still remains on each of our 2020 & 2021/2022 Squads; should you be interested in being evaluated we strongly urge you to contact us immediately at Our Staff utilizes the following methods to evaluate players who were unable to attend tryouts, but are interested in filling an open roster spot:

Coach Attends Indoor Game

Coach Attends Spring Game

Player Obtains & Forwards Written Recommendation From Current Coach

Player Forwards Game Film From Previous Seasons

...or... a combination of the above. 

How you can be evaluated will be communicated and discussed when we recieve your inquiry. 


For those interested, please be aware that Connecticut Valley Lacrosse offers a Referral Discount to players who submit information on their friends and teammates who are also interested in competing with us. An interested player simply submits a name of player, an E-Mail address, and then should that recommended player be selected to then sign up to compete with one of our teams the player who made the initial referral will receive $50.00 off their total 2017 Summer Tuition. Here's a quick example...

** Tommy Jones sent Connecticut Valley Lacrosse an E-Mail noting that Sam Smith is interested in more information. A Connecticut Valley Lacrosse staff member contacts Sam Smith, provides further details, and then obtains information on one of Sam's upcoming games to evaluate him for placement. Shortly after the evaluation an E-Mail is sent from Connecticut Valley Lacrosse inviting Sam to compete with us. Once he signs up to compete a Connecticut Valley Lacrosse Staff Member uses their administrative web access to upload a $50.00 Credit to Tommy Jones's account reducing the overall remaining tuition owed from $700.00 to $650.00. **

For those curious, this Referral Discount Opportunity is boundless and players may refer as many friends/teammates as they would like. In the past we have had certain players take advantage of the opportunity and earn as much as $450.00 off their overall Summer Tuition. 


If you're interested in competing with our program this upcoming Summer and learning more please contact us today at!