Summer 2017

Date Posted: 6/7/2017

Our 2017 Summer Season has concluded as of Sunday, July 16 and it was a very eventful Summer for each of our teams! Below is a breakdown of each team's Summer Season including the list for those players who were awarded the "Warrior Award" for their participation, grit, and play at specific events this Summer. Should you be interested in learning more about Connecticut Valley Lacrosse or potentially joining one of our teams please contact us as soon as possible at to be added to our E-Mail Distribution List.


2018 Team

This team faced the toughest schedule that any Connecticut Valley Lacrosse program has ever faced in our 8 Summer Seasons. The purpose of the rigorous schedule was not only to test each players abilities and push them towards competing at the highest level, but to give each player the best possible opportunity to be recruited to compete at the next level. This Summer Season did just that, in each event our sidelines were packed with college coaches eager to find one of their next student-athletes and each player from this team is now taking the next step in the recruiting process by visiting the schools they have been in communication with. This group was passionate, eager to learn, and really continued to come together more each time the stepped on the field. While the win/loss record may not be in our favor, the ultimate goal of assisting these young men towards their aspirations of playing college lacrosse was surely reached and we are excited to continue to assist each of them through the remainder of the process! 

  • Warrior Award Winners
    • Kohl Lunardini & Landon Reyes (Lehigh Laxfest)
    • Zach Cree & Marcus Larrier (Legacy Invitational)
    • Kevin Huveldt (UMass Mid-Summer)
    • Alex Beauchemin (Warrior LI Classic)

2019 Team

Our 2019's battled all summer playing against strong competition and being tested in each event. Throughout the Summer this team showed resiliency and continued to come together while improving not just as individuals, but as a team. The work ethic of this team in practice and on the field in games was beneficial to their successes both on the scoreboard and in their own personal development. At the conclusion of the Summer this team fought to earn a 3-1-1 record in their final event at the Warrior Long Island Classic; it was an excellent ending for a team well deserved of winning and succeeding on the field. We strongly believe that this group will continue to bring their work ethic, skill set, and passion to succeed back to their high school programs and teams for their other respective sports. A strenuous and often frustrating summer, but playing the best truly forced these young men to compete at the highest level. 

  • Warrior Award Winners
    • Benny Berggren & Biagio Parkos (Lehigh Laxfest)
    • Tug Arnold & Jesse Johnson (Legacy Invitational)
    • Andre Sokk & Spencer Jones (UMass Mid-Summer)

2019/2020 Team
Lehigh Laxfest - 2019 "B" Division - Runner's Up (2nd Place, 5-1 Record)
Vineyard Vines Classic - HS Varsity Division (4th Place, 2-2 Record)
Stowe Lacrosse Festival - 2019 Division - Runner's Up (2nd Place, 4-1 Record)

This Connecticut Valley team has continuously shown that determination, hustle and teamwork pays off in these tournaments. With two second place finishes and an overall record of 14-5 on the summer, we have shown tremendous growth as team in a very short time together. The initial goal of our season was to help develop player’s sticks skills and overall IQ for the game. As the season went on, these young group of men arouse to that challenge. Although it wasn’t always pretty, these guys continuously believed in each other and really came together as a team. This group was not only eager to learn but showed their dedication to the sport through their commitment to not only the tournaments but practices as well. We have never seen such a close group of players come together in such a short period of time and ask so many questions on how to get better or understand what it was we were trying to teach them. This dedication and commitment was really amazing to be a part of and made it a great first year coaching experience for us. We hope that all of you took something from this summer and continuously look to build off it. The purpose of this program is to develop each and every player so that they can compete at the next level of lacrosse. Moving forward we would like all of you to take the time to think about your future and perspective colleges you may be interested in. Remember playing the sport is the easy part, getting your minds wrapped around your future and focusing on taking the right steps is critical in this process. College coaches have very little time to see everyone, so it is important that we make these coaches aware of your interest in their program/school. We will be discussing more of this in the upcoming season and are willing to help assist you in any way we can.

  • Warrior Award Winners
    • Will Motherway & Nick Clauson (Offensive Award Winners)
    • Landen Pease & Gavin Carzello (Defensive Award Winners)
    • Dean Bauchiero & Owen Palmateer (Overall Summer Tournament MVP)

2021/2022 Team
Vineyard Vines Classic - 2021 Gold Division (3rd Place, 2-2 Record)
Stowe Lacrosse Festival - 2021 Cascade Division - Runner's Up (2nd  Place, 2-2-1 Record)

Our youngest team this summer grew up in a very big way this summer.  We had plenty of wins and accomplishments throughout our summer season including beating some of the region's strongest competition!  This group of kids really came together as the summer went along and started to band together as a team.  We broke through some of the youth lacrosse habits and played some unbelievable, smart, unselfish lacrosse.  Proudest moment was a huge comeback win at Stowe to send us to the finals.  We had contributions from everyone on this roster and our staff is very excited at what these kids can accomplish as they get older.

  • Warrior Award Winners
    • Saratoga Shootout - Ty Finn (Offensive MVP) & Charlie Bednar (Defensive MVP)
    • Vineyard Vines Classic - Kieran Oliver (Offensive MVP) & Glen Somers (Defensive MVP)
    • Stowe Lacrosse Festival - Nick Bates (Offensive MVP) & Owen Folkwein (Defensive MVP)