Legacy Invitational Recap

Date Posted: 7/1/2018

Legacy was our toughest test of the Summer so far for both our 2019 and 2020 Squads. The 2019's competing in the 2019 "A" bracket with tough match-ups in each of their 5 games. With college coaches posted up on our sidelines for each contest the team truly left it all on the field, but ultimately fell short in the W/L column. However, for the 2 days our goals of being recruited to compete at the next level were achieved and all of our players receive several pieces of communication from the coaches who had the opportunity to see them play. 

Our 2020's were tested once again in their 2nd "AA" bracket of the Summer. They faced stiff competition and also fell short in the W/L Column, however, this group was pushed to compete at the highest level and each player walked off the field a stronger player. Just like our 2019's, college coaches were positioned on our sidelines for the 2020 games and many players have landed on watch-lists or received communications (as NCAA permits) since that event. We're excited to see this group continue to grow and the next test at UMass should be a good one!